Reading for enjoyment - for all
"All schools should develop policies to promote reading for
enjoyment " - Moving English Forward, Ofsted 2012
How an author visit can help
I use stories as a way into reading.  

Each visit starts with a long session for large groups built around
stories from my
Wicked Tales series. These are very funny stories,
and the children don't want them to stop.

The stories are not read out: they are performed, with a range of
voices and actions.
I encourage their creativity.

I include some imagination exercises in the main session.  In
later sessions, we build upon this by inventing full stories
I tell them how I write my own stories.

I stress that I am not there as a teacher; all I can do is share the
things that help me when I write, such as:
- making simple plans        
- scribbling down lots of ideas
- using action        
- enjoying my characters.
I increase their confidence

I encourage them to believe that there are many books out
there that they really want to read, but haven't yet come across.

I tell them how much I disliked writing as a child, but am glad
that I kept at it!

I help even the most reluctant writers to believe that they have
something interesting to say.
Every author provides something different. We all do visits in our own way; the following is mine.
"Evidence suggests that reading for pleasure leads to increased
attainment."  - Reading for Pleasure, DfE 2012