Cost of a school visit
I try to keep fees to a minimum, because (as an ex-teacher and school governor) I want schools to spend their literacy budgets on books,
not authors.

I find that I am able to sell enough books to cover most of the fees recommended by literary organisations -  even in deprived areas.  Therefore:

  • I  don’t normally charge a fee within an hour’s travel of mid-Surrey, unless the school is very small.

  • Where I do charge fees, I try to keep them reasonable and I always agree them in advance. If you're two hours away, I might charge you between £100 and
    £150 for a full day's visit - and I would provide some free books for the library within that price.

  • For free visits, I usually ask schools to purchase a small number of my books (at £5) for their libraries: this  ensures that the children from poorest homes will
    have access to my books too.  Schools tell me that the “Wicked Tales” books are almost constantly checked out!

These low fees depend on schools making appropriate arrangements, including:

... I normally need to be able to sell and sign books on the day of the visit and at the end of the following day.  If there will be a high number of sales, I might need to
do some signing at lunch times too.  I don't need any help for signings, but it helps to have a member of staff around for crowd control!

... If the school has other Key Stage Two authors visiting within a couple of weeks before or a day after my visit, I would have to charge a fee since I would sell fewer
books.  However, it's fine for schools to have a “travelling bookshop” arrangement going on at the same time; I don’t find there’s much overlap between those sales
and my own.